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Earwax Removal

Did you know that commercial ear wax cleaning tools like ear swabs (Q-tips), or specialty ear wax cleaners (spiral swabs) can actually make your ear wax problems worse? These tools tend to push your ear wax further into your canal, causing impaction, a decrease to your hearing, and potential damage to the eardrum.

Your body produces ear wax naturally — and some ear wax is actually quite important, as it provides a protective barrier, preventing foreign particles, dust, and debris from damaging your very delicate and thin eardrums. However, for many people, ear wax builds up over time and causes impaction if not properly and safely removed. 

Keep on top of your ear wax and get it removed by a registered hearing healthcare professional. We’ll use a combination of oil, water irrigation and/or manual removal with lighted picks (curettes) to gently and safely remove even the most stubborn earwax – pain-free.


Want to take care of your earwax, the right way?

Book an appointment for at-home earwax cleaning. 

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