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Hearing Test

Never had a hearing test before and curious as to what it entails? Or interested in knowing how our at-home hearing test compares? We run a full diagnostic hearing test with state-of-the-art equipment, and we bring it all to you. 

a doctor with a tablet talking to a patient

Comprehensive Intake & Questionnaire

to gain an in-depth understanding of your health history and hearing needs – no two people are the same and we want to know about you to build you a personalized hearing plan.

a sound level meter

Measuring the ambient noise levels 

to ensure the at-home environment is quiet and ideal for accurate testing.

looking in someone's ear

Video otoscopy

 where you will get to see the inside of your ears! We look into your ears with a camera, to identify a healthy eardrum and make sure there is no wax impaction or interference for the test.

performing a hearing test

Pure tone audiometry

– where you will be presented with beeps (pure tones) and you will have to say ‘yes’ whenever you hear a beep. Your hearing thresholds are then plotted on a graph, which we call an ‘audiogram’ – this tells us how well you are hearing. Anything above 25 dB is considered ‘normal’ or good hearing.

woman with on-ear headphones

Speech discrimination

 – testing where you will have to repeat back words so that we can get a percentage score of how well you understand speech.



– a 5-10 second test to see how well your eardrum and middle ear is behaving.

a woman with tablet talking to patient

Test results

Once the hearing test is completed, we will go through your results with you, and create a uniquely tailored recommendation and plan for your hearing health.

Sometimes, that involves annual hearing tests, and other times a recommendation for hearing aids. 

selecting a hearing aid

Hearing Aid Selection & Prescription

 If you do need hearing aids, we will discuss technology levels, cost, and take measurements of your ears.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Trial

We can provide you with a customized hearing aid fitting, and start you on a trial with a personalized solution, usually same day.

Want to learn more?

Book an appointment for an at-home hearing test. 

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Leave your name, email/phone number and message, and we’ll get back to you shortly with answers. 


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